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About Us

We aim to provide you with clean and fresh clothes in the fastest possible time.

We process all of your laundry in one of our several owned laundromats in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Because we own the laundromats, we ensure a hygienic environment for processing your laundry.

After a number of years in the laundry business (laundromat, wash & fold and dry cleaning) we decided to tie up with Wash Club to provide on demand pick-up and delivery service in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We are aware that your time is valuable and better utilized in more profitable pursuits, but at the same time you need quality and timely service to process your laundry. Our Wash Club app and online ordering system on our web site makes your laundry headaches disappear with a few strokes of your fingers. We take care of the rest, whether your order is just for wash & fold or dry cleaning, or both.